Incredible winter garden in Indiana

Do you dream of a Winter Garden in Indiana? Do you love to watch birds in the wintertime, when there are no leaves to shield their lovely colors and fun antics? There is so much more!

Winter Garden in Indiana & More

In addition to providing feeders for winter avian friends (and yes, maybe a squirrel or two), consider a couple of other options. If you are loyal to fresh-cut Christmas trees, consider tucking yours somewhere outside after you’ve divested it of its glittering decorations to provide another shelter for over-wintering birds.

You and your grandchildren might enjoy creating little natural feeders for them by slathering pine cones with peanut butter then rolling them in birdseed.

Winter In Indiana

Here in Indiana we have a tendency to think of winter as a time of dormancy in the landscape, but I’ve always thought of the days following holiday celebrations as another chance to view the landscape with fresh eyes.

Ice Grippers for Shoes

A quick tip: if falling on ice is a concern for you, take your tour with a sturdier companion, or think about getting some ice grippers for your shoes. These are cleats or fine springs built into a stretchy rubber form that you can pull onto the bottoms of your shoes when you head outside and then pop off when you are back indoors. They go by brand names like YakTrax and Stabilicers.

The sensation of walking on them is a little unusual at first, but for those of us who really can’t afford a fall, they can be very helpful. And if you have a cell phone, make sure you take it outside with you, zipped securely into a pocket, especially if you’re by yourself.

Flower Beds & Corners

Start by looking around the foundation of your house at flower beds and inside corners. You might start to notice individual micro-climates. In the winter, the south side of your house may get much more sun than the north side, but how’s the wind affecting your plants there? Is there a little nook that’s more protected from snow and freezing that will sustain a more tender shrub? How are snow melts dripping off your roofline impacting the foundation area below – too wet? Making a slow but significant trench?

Winter Garden Trees

As you make your way away from the house, look up into your deciduous trees, the ones that shed their leaves in the fall. They’ll probably never be more bare than they are right now, so consider this inspection time. You should be able to see unusual limb growth or notice if some limbs have lost their bark. Shedding or dropping bark can be a sign of a significant problem, and you don’t want to risk a dead limb blowing or falling out, damaging property or people.

Views of the Winter Garden In Indiana

When you’re back inside in the warmth, take a long look out of your windows. Do you like your winter view? A well-placed red or yellow twig dogwood might draw your eye like never before. Now is the time to sit down, enjoy a tasty cuppa, and enjoy planning for the coming year.

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