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IndyHumane’s mission is built on the belief that the human-animal bond is
extremely important and worthy of protection.

Pet ownership leads to healthier and happier people, which in turn leads to healthier and happier communities.

IndyHumane maintains an active volunteer program, and it serves as an integral
part of our daily operations. As an independent non-profit organization, we rely
on the assistance of caring, hard-working volunteers in all of our programs.

Volunteer Staff members

Our Volunteer Staff members are a huge part in making sure that the dogs and
cats that come to our shelter have a chance to experience a great human-animal
bond until we can match them with a forever family. Volunteer staff have one of
the most important jobs of all: reminding these animals every day that they are
loved pets. That is just as important as making sure they have vaccines, are
spayed & neutered, and are fed.

Several ways to donate

There are several ways to donate your time and talent to IndyHumane. Volunteer
opportunities are available for people 8+ years of age. We offer year-round
programs and temporary/seasonal programs.
For most programs, there are necessary training steps that one must complete to
learn about our organization and how to properly interact with pets who are in a
shelter environment. We ask for a minimum donation of four hours monthly from
our Volunteers. There are some advanced positions who work with our Medical
Team and our Behavior Teams that require more hours on a set weekly schedule.

Some of our Volunteer Programs and roles include:

Shelter Volunteer Program –

A program for people who are 16+ years of age

Parent & Me Volunteer Program –

A program for students who are 8+ years of
age who have an adult who 21+ years of age to train and volunteer alongside.

Pat’s Paws Teen ‘Trainor’ Club –

A service program for students 13-15 years of age
who volunteer and meet to plan and execute service projects.

Service Hour Programs –

For people needing service hours for class or court, we
have a program for Youth (Service Saturdays) and Adults (Community Service

In addition to Volunteer Programs, we offer opportunities for Youth to become
involved in animal welfare.

Youth Summer Camps are a fun way for students ages 8-15 years to step into the
world of animals. Campers enjoy days filled with animal interaction, arts & crafts,
games, and camp visitors who introduce Campers to farm rescues and exotic

Paid Camp Counselor positions are open to students ages 15-21 years.
Junior Internships are available for teens wanting to learn how our medical,
behavior, and marketing teams operate.

The work IndyHumane does for the community is enhanced by the presence of
Volunteers. We could not accomplish so many great things without the help of
people who are willing to dedicate time, love, and energy to such a great cause.
Learn more about our Volunteer and Youth Programs by visiting .

Authored by: Shawna Sims, Senior Director of Shelter Services


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