Update your home with a big bed

If you haven’t changed the look of your home’s interior in a while, it’s time to reconsider. Here is how to update your home!

Update Your Home

We change out our clothing wardrobe every season, getting rid of outdated items. But do we that with our homes? If you haven’t changed the look of your home’s interior in a while, it’s time to reconsider. With minor effort, you’ll give your home a fashionable, new look, without breaking the bank. Here are some ways!

Paint Color

Change the whole feel of a room with a fresh coat of paint. A new paint color can make a room feel more vibrant and add light to an otherwise dark room. It can give a room personality or make it appear cleaner by removing years of scuffs and wear.

Window Treatments

Sometimes we neglect our dusty, old-fashioned window treatments, which make our rooms outdated. Why keep them when there are affordable, stylish options to replace them? No need for a custom look. Consider modern, adjustable blinds, which let light in when you need it and can be automated to open and close remotely.

Bedding and Linens

Maybe replacing your bedroom furniture isn’t in the budget. Try purchasing new bedspread and linens and you can change the entire look of your bedroom. You can even buy an all-in-one bed kit with everything you need. Bathroom towels also look worn after several years of use. Donate your old ones and replace them inexpensively. Use this opportunity to select a new pattern or color for your room.


Changing your hardware can completely change the look of your home. We’re talking doorknobs and hinges, pulls and cabinet knobs. Have a refreshed look for a few dollars each. Popular finishes include black matte, brushed nickel and copper. For an even more affordable update, spray paint your old ones.


Whether it’s a new floor lamp, a stylish task light, or a show-stopping chandelier, change out your light fixtures for a quick update. Choose a modern style for greater impact, and while you’re at it, upgrade bulbs to more efficient, safer LED lights (which you also can automate).

Throw Pillows and Blankets

Recycle the old and purchase new throw pillows and blankets to completely update your couches, benches and chairs. This gives you an opportunity to insert some pops of color into your home, too. Add a stylish basket to store all your new pillows and blankets. A cheaper solution? Pillow covers.

Room Layout

Sometimes rearranging the layout of your room can update it substantially. Could a new layout improve traffic flow, or make it appear bigger or cozier? Move things around to see what feels right. If you don’t like it, you can always move it back, so you have nothing to lose.

Update Your Home with a new bathroom

Update Your Home with Ease

With a few, simple changes and small investments, your home can look refreshed and updated for the new year. If our wardrobes need a periodic change, then our homes do, too. The impact it can make will significantly improve the way we live and feel in our homes.

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