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If you’ve ever considered training for a marathon, you need a plan. You can get training programs online, in books, in magazines or…

Training for a Marathon

Ever hear of “Couch to 5K?” Catchy name for a training plan that prepares you for a race that is 3.2 miles long.  WHAT?! To put that into perspective, there are 35,000 people training right now to run or walk the May 6 500 Festival Mini-Marathon, which is 13.1 miles so … a 5K? You’ve got this!

If you’ve ever considered training for a 5K race, you need a plan. Most of the races will be 12- to 16-weeks long. You can get training programs online, in books or in magazines. Some you have to pay for. My personal favorite type of training is with an actual local group. Why? You get accountability and support. You also get a proven plan with an actual coach who has experience training people to learn to run. More information on local running clubs and group training is below.

Can You Become a Runner?

Who is the ideal candidate to become a runner? It’s anyone that doesn’t have a chronic injury or serious health problem. If you are in doubt, please consult with your physician. New runners come in all shapes and sizes and in all ability levels. Actual running clubs are also made up of men and women who come in all shapes and sizes and in all ability levels. Don’t be intimidated if it is on your bucket list. What is it they always say? You only regret the things that you didn’t do, or something like that.

Essential tools for success include time, commitment and determination. Dragging a buddy along helps immensely. Don’t overthink it and psych yourself out before you even begin. Instead, attend a class or download a plan and dive in! Carve out some workout time that works best for your schedule. Mornings are great because you can’t get to the end of the day and whine that you are tired or have other commitments. Don’t let other people’s negativism influence YOUR DETERMINATION!

As your body starts to build stamina and your brain builds confidence, ooh la la! You might see those legs and arms take on a new “tone.”

I’ve Run Nine Marathons

I’ve run nine marathons including three Bostons, but it didn’t happen overnight. I do know that those accomplishments happened after my first 5K. Looking back, I didn’t know what to wear, I didn’t know what to eat, I didn’t understand what a long run or a negative split was. I didn’t know that body glide is a real thing that runners use … you get the picture.  All of these things and so many more I hope you learn this spring.

Here is a list of some local running clubs you might want to join. One of these locations is near you:

  1. The Circle City Go Girls: women-only running/walking club, downtown Indy
  2. Indy Runners: co-ed running/walking group
  3. Athletic Annex: co-ed running/walking group
  4. Runners Forum: co-ed running/walking group
  5. Blue Mile: co-ed running/walking group
  6. Endurance House: co-ed running/walking group
  7. Carmel Runners: co-ed running/walking group

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