Through the Ages Fitness

Through the ages Fitness with the residents of Grand Brook Memory Care Fishers

Through the Ages Fitness offers exercise classes and programs for those 55 and older in Indianapolis Area!

Through the Ages Fitness in Indianapolis

Samantha Stipp, founder of Through the Ages Fitness, provides exercise classes and programs to those who are 55 and older. Currently operating at 17 locations throughout the Indianapolis area. The classes and programs focus on three main principles: body, mind, and music.

The Experience

The exercise classes and programs utilize special fitness equipment if needed and can be done seated, standing, or on the floor. All classes focus on instruction of larger and faster functional movements, flexibility and cognitive function restoring the bodies range of motion through wide movement techniques.

Cognitive Imagery and Cognitive Brain Exercises are continuously used during all classes for all levels of care providing social interactions between all group members. The ultimate goal is to improve and enhance participants sensory systems and memory through exercise and movement.

And because music is key for brain functionality, Through the Ages Fitness in Indianapolis provides specialized music for each class session and location. Specific playlists are created for an increase in participant engagement and movements during classes.

Levels of Care

Through the Ages Fitness focus on all levels of care and provide exercise classes and programs for Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Affordable Housing, Short Term Care, Adult Day Centers, Churches and Community Centers. They also offer One-on-One Sessions, a specialized 3 Mantras Program (focusing on music, movement and meditation) and Parkinson’s classes and sessions.

The Outcome

Samantha is looking to positively influence seniors by changing their perceptions and attitudes toward healthy behaviors and positive outlooks on the aging process. Their goal is to help seniors in Indianapolis area to create healthy lifestyles through specialized exercise classes and programs.

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