Opportunity is alive and well.  With 27 years as a registered nurse, 21 of those as an advanced practice nurse/nurse practitioner, and 17 of those as a patient advocate, I have the amazing opportunity to learn from my clients each and every day.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything!  The lessons I have learned have not only enriched my life personally but much more importantly these lessons have provided Malkoff and Hughes LLC the foundation to become the only comprehensive advocacy/consulting firm in the Indianapolis area.  Here is a list of just three of the important lessons I have learned:

  1. People interacting in the health care system want to be active participants versus passive recipients. Most people can and will take personal responsibility for their own (or someone for which they are responsible) heath care choices when given the opportunity.  When people are treated as the most valuable resource on their own health care team –which they undoubtedly are – then, contrary to popular belief, these active participants make excellent patients.
  2. People want to have access to experienced professional consultants. There is a demand for experienced professional care consultants who are experts in navigating the health care system, and therefore folks are actively looking for such resources.   People want to access support to obtain the results they are looking for in their health care situations so they seek out professional care consultants just as they would if they wanted elder law advice, personal training, or estate planning.
  3. It is a good idea to be prepared for what lies ahead. When navigating the health care delivery system in all of its landscapes (MD offices, hospitals, nursing homes, private homes, continuum care campuses, etc.), people do best when they are prepared for what lurks around the next corner.  Crisis at the next turn may be the catalyst for change but having insight into what could come next is extremely valuable in planning for smoother transitions and healthier outcomes.  People appreciate support and guidance out of a tough corner but they are even more pleased when they are prepared in advance for what lies ahead.




At Malkoff and Hughes LLC we are committed to our clients and to enriching their journey through the health care system and the challenges of aging.  We bring our many years of experience and lessons learned to each individual situation.


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