Three Seconds for Curb Appeal In Indy

Here are some tips on creating excellent curb appeal in Indy for selling your home from a Realtor and a landscape company.  

Three Seconds for Curb Appeal In Indy

“It takes three seconds to form the first impression of a person,” says Mind Tools, a business training resources firm, the same time required to form an opinion of the front of a home. What is it on the outside that draws you to this home enough to ask for an appointment to see the inside? Is it the inviting front door, the shape of the windows, the walkway or the beautiful flowers? Conversely, is the driveway cracked, does the roof need repair, is the paint peeling or are the trees or shrubs overgrown? 


Is the color of the house neutral to attract more buyers, or is it more personal to the seller (green vinyl with pink trim and door)? A buyer must decide whether they can live with a more personal color, which may not appeal to many people.


Are there too many flower pots or is the porch crowded with furniture and outdoor decorations? Clutter rules apply to the outside as well as the inside of a house. “Keep it simple and clean, like the look of a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans,” says Mike Noll, Landscape Architect at the Noll Landscape Group.


Everyone can benefit from the pop of color that annual and perennial flowers bring to a front yard or porch. Sellers should match flowers to the color of the house and front door. Yellow pansies (spring), fuchsia and knockout roses (summer) are good choices for front yards. “Baskets are a very simple, immediate way to add color rather than planting,” says Mike.

Front Door

Front door colors can provide character to a house. Done correctly, the contrast may be the first thing you see when arriving at the house. Making a front door stand out can eliminate the newer house from looking the same as others. “For older and perhaps tired homes, a freshly-painted door can make them look lively again,” suggests Melissa Vurpillat, a Realtor with F.C. Tucker.

Trees & Shrubs

Do the trees or shrubs touch the house and are they unclipped? Are there any dead branches that need to be hauled away? Such details can create an impression of neglect.  Sometimes calling professionals such as Madera garden and tree care services is the best route to go. They will take care of the trees and save you a headache and money.

Much of what has been discussed can be changed with a little “elbow grease.” Soap and water or paint and a paint brush will do wonders for front doors. Power washing can rejuvenate retainer walls and driveways. Mailboxes can easily be washed with a household cleaner or be repaired or replaced.

Take a long look tomorrow when you pull out of your driveway. Does your front entrance look inviting and ready for guests? Make note of what needs attention, go to work and you might receive the greatest compliment on your curb appeal. You could receive a note in your mailbox or knock on your door wondering when you will be selling your home.


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