Speak with Conviction to Be Your Best Self

Most people don’t recognize that they are “powerful beyond measure” and so they speak tentatively about their needs and desires. Speak with conviction to be your best self.

Be Your Best Shelf

Most people don’t recognize that they are “powerful beyond measure” and so they speak tentatively about their needs and desires. One of the easiest ways to reinforce your sense of power and capabilities is to choose words that reflect a sense of assuredness.

People complain that they sometimes feel timid about their wants, needs and goals, which puts them in a one-down position. They find themselves saying the phrase “I cannot” frequently.

What Does It Mean?

To be your best self requires that you own your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. You will never be able to get what you want out of life until you own your power.

The words that you choose help to reinforce your sense of power. Therefore, it is imperative to change your dialogue both externally and internally. When you replace the word “cannot” with “I choose not to,” it conveys confidence and others know where they stand with you. You will end up having better relationships because your words reflect your desires and convictions.

“Being clear about what you need and how you feel” requires a determination regarding where you stand in the world. You may need to change or fine-tune your internal dialogue so that you will feel more steadfast about yourself and your choices.  It will be necessary to shift your negative dialogue into powerful thoughts.

Positive VS Negative Dialogue

When people listen to their own internal negative dialogue, it keeps them from reaching their goals. They aren’t clear with others about how they feel, what they want or what they need. They are doubting themselves and are probably questioning their own abilities.

When you find yourself saying “I cannot” and you aren’t able to find the confidence to say, “I will,” stop yourself and change the words to “I choose not to.” When you make the choice to say, “I choose not to,” you are intimating that this is how you are choosing to believe today. This gives you power.

Speak with Conviction Examples

Let’s look at some typical examples:

  • “I cannot get over him.” Replace it with “I choose not to get over him today.”
  • “Also, I cannot find my soulmate.” Replace it with “I choose to spend my time with people who have other qualities that I currently admire and need.”
  • “I cannot get up early.” Replace it with “I choose not to get up early today.”
  • “I cannot find time to exercise.” Replace it with “I am making the choice to organize my day. Currently I choose not to exercise”

You may be wondering how the words “I choose not to” empowers. The word “cannot” infers inadequacy. “I choose not to” presupposes that you can, but you choose not to today.

The Mind Willl Help You Be Your Best Self

The mind is a very powerful tool and your thinking is constantly feeding into your sense of self-esteem and confidence. When you are in your power, you are more likely to be successful in meeting your goals and create the connections you desire.         

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