Simple Health Tips for Central Indiana

Simple Health Tips for Central Indiana

It’s finally Spring, and Hoosiers know that making healthy choices can make you feel more beautiful. Looking and feeling healthy is not just a trend but a way of life because healthy is beautiful. Apply this concept to different areas of your life and focus on becoming your best self by following these simple tips:

Strengthen your body

Cardiovascular exercise is an important part of any routine, but a workout regimen should include more than just running or using the elliptical. Weight and interval training are great ways to lose fat and build muscle, and they make your workouts more interesting. Also, consider adding in some core strengthening exercises for better posture and overall mobility with sets of crunches, bridges and planks several times a week.

Outside of exercise, a healthy lifestyle should emphasize a well-rounded diet. Avoid fad diets, which can strip your body of important nutrients and leave you looking dull and worn down. Instead, opt for well-balanced meals that include elements from every food group and remember to keep portion sizes under control. Also, be sure to stay hydrated to keep skin and hair moisturized and lustrous.

Power up your smile

A healthy smile can make you feel more confident and make a great first impression. Maintain good oral hygiene by flossing regularly, brushing at least twice a day and switching to Colgate Enamel Health Multi-Protection toothpaste. It strengthens enamel, helps prevent acid erosion and fights cavities while also whitening teeth and freshening breath. 

Taking care of your tooth enamel is important because weakened enamel can lead to issues like sensitivity. Did you know that sensitivity pain can be caused by enamel loss resulting from brushing teeth directly after eating acidic foods? Protect your enamel by waiting 30 minutes after eating acidic foods before brushing your teeth. To help relieve any existing sensitivity, try the Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush + Built-In Sensitivity Relief Pen, which shields exposed nerves and creates a seal against sensitivity pain. This provides sensitivity relief within one week and long-lasting results with continued use, when used as directed. Visit for more information.

Boost mental strength

Keeping a clear mind can help inspire positivity and high spirits, leaving you feeling healthier and happier. Whether you like to write in a journal, clear your mind through meditation or practice other means of relaxation, make it a priority to carve out time every day to ease tension and keep your mind strong.

Good health promotes beauty inside and out. Making a few simple changes to your everyday routine with these simle health tips for Central Indiana can shape other parts of your life, helping you to feel better about yourself overall.

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