Debi Teeple is part of a Boomer career trend. According to a recent study published by the Kauffman Foundation and Legal Zoom in 2013, about 20 percent of all new businesses were started by entrepreneurs aged 50 to 59. Debi and her husband, Cary reinvented their careers when they opened a health and fitness center focused on Boomers and beyond, called AgeSuccessfully based in Fishers.

“Sitting is the new smoking and exercise is medicine,” according to Teeple. “We wanted to create a fitness center where mature people could come together and feel like it is their place.” According to their clients, AgeSuccessfully is meeting that need. Clients in their 40s up to 80-somethings receive personal training and personalized fitness ‘prescriptions’ where they can then come in and working out at their own pace on cardio and strength-training equipment. There is friendly banter and camaraderie among the adults working out. “I know everyone who walks in the door,” says Teeple, “and my goal is to make the environment nurturing, fun and high-energy.”


Teeple trains her clients in exercises focused on balance, strength, flexibility, endurance and cardiovascular recovery. She attended college on an athletic scholarship and fitness has always been part of her life. “It is really a privilege to work with my clients to help them stay healthy and strong so they can enjoy their lives and fulfill their purpose. This generation has a lot to offer people and I consider it an honor to work with them,” says Teeple.

Being entrepreneurs also allows the Teeples to participate in the Boomer trend of giving back to their communities. A 2013 report by the Corporation for National and Community Service in Washington, D.C., found that volunteerism is at a ten-year high for American Baby Boomers and older adults. In their previous careers as youth pastors, the Teeples spent much of their time counseling at-risk young people and their families.

“When our daughters went to college my husband and I learned more about the issues of child trafficking and exploitation,” according to Debi. The Teeples contribute a portion of their profits to charities that care for those who have been victimized by sexual exploitation both internationally and locally.  “We would love to grow our business where the majority of our profits support organizations that are working to rescue these victims,” explains Teeple. “We’re not there yet – it is a goal.” The couple has also organized a bike ride from Indianapolis to New York City to raise awareness and donations to end child trafficking and slavery. Many Boomers want to create a new career in retirement. With AgeSuccessfully the Teeples combine their new career with their passion and personal mission.

By Brenda Johnson

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