As we approach spooky season, pop culture would have you believe that black cats are mysterious, perhaps nefarious creatures of the night. These beliefs can be dated back to the Middle Ages, when people believed black cats to be familiars of witches who carried curses. However, we’ve long since discovered that although individual cats of any color might be prone to mischief, no pigmentation of cat is unluckier or “worse” than another.

In fact, if you have a black cat, luck may be on your side. Many cultures celebrate black cats. English and Irish folklore explains that a black cat crossing your path is a sign of good luck. The Scottish say that finding a black cat on your doorstep signifies fortune, prosperity, and good things to come. Egyptians saw black cats as prestigious companions.

Historically, sailors would bring cats aboard their ships, believing the cat would ensure safe travels. In actuality, the cats hunted mice and rats who would otherwise ruin the ships’ food stores and spread disease to crew and passengers. Lucky indeed!

Due to persistent negative beliefs and the urban legends that arise from them, some shelters will not adopt black cats around Halloween, to protect them from potential harm and those who may want a cat for cruel reasons. However, there is no evidence that people are cruel or have negative intentions towards black cats during Halloween.

Another modern myth about black cats is that they are the least likely to be adopted, spend longer in shelters than other colors of cats, or are more difficult to place. The fact is, they are actually the most common color of cat, so there are simply more of them! However, they are as easily and successfully adopted as any other color.

If you aren’t convinced as to why you should adopt a black cat, here are a few other reasons to consider:

-You can always find them in the snow (but please keep them inside anyway)!
-A black cat will match any outfit or decor.
-You won’t need a lint brush for a black-tie affair. Plus, cats don’t care what you look like!

Halloween and other high-traffic times are not without risk to any pet. To keep your pet safe, keep them inside in a secure, contained space where they are comfortable, and make sure their microchip and tags are updated.

At IndyHumane, we will happily adopt cats of any color to loving adopters year-round! Our standard application and counseling process ensures every cat is going to a safe and happy forever home.

Love knows no color. Black cats are just like any other feline, and simply need forever homes to nap, play, and be loved in. There is much more to these lovable balls of fur than the association with Halloween, witches, and bad luck.

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