Pets need help

In the midst of COVID-19 and sheltering-in-place, IndyHumane remains open for adoptions by appointment only. Pets need a little support, too.

Pets Need Support

Bandit is a Siamese kitty who has been looking for a purr-fect adopter for quite some time. He was surrendered to IndyHumane in July 2019, and has since spent some time in foster homes, receiving one-on-one behavioral care with our staff and learning how to be a well-rounded, happy cat! He is a rough and tumble boy who loves to wrestle but has been known to get too worked up while playing with humans. When housed with other cats, he was stressed and overwhelmed, so he was a loner for a long time at the shelter.

Bandit’s Story

One day, on a whim, our Feline Care Team allowed him to play with a kitten named Smokey. To everyone’s surprise, Bandit quickly took the kitten under his wing and they became best buds.

“It occurred to us that perhaps many of Bandit’s behaviors were simply a lack of socialization; up to this point he’d never had a role model or a companion to teach him how to be a cat,” said Brett Kruger, IndyHumane Feline Team manager.

Bandit began to destress and learn how to open his heart up to new friends. We have seen Bandit become a much more relaxed and lovable cat, thanks to his new friend. Although he will still need a special adopter to take in both him and his emotional support kitten, he is making progress every day. This just goes to show that when life gets tough, sometimes all you need is a little support.

Bandit and Smokey

Bandit and his best bud, Smokey, are looking for a home together. They are two good ole boys who can be a little rough and tumble, but they have good hearts! Bandit is an extremely smart cat who is easily bored and frustrated. Smokey is his good friend, and through Smokey, Bandit is learning play manners and appropriate inhibitions. Bandit has been seen purring and asking for lots of pets and kisses from staff!

Who Can Help

Bandit needs a special, committed adopter who is aware of his behaviors and is willing to work with him and take advice from behavior staff about his behavioral needs. His adopter ideally should be cat savvy, familiar with cat behaviors and have experience working with high over-stimulation and rough play in cats. He needs a home where his adopters are committed to providing him with a very enriched environment and lots of positive entertainment. Bandit has been learning to walk on a harness and loves to play games, do tricks, and play with toys. Although Bandit has bonded with Smokey, he is still highly stressed by other cats, so they need a home without other pets where they can romp, play, and have full reign of their new home together.


In the midst of COVID-19 and sheltering-in-place, IndyHumane remains open for adoptions by appointment only. If you think Smokey and Bandit might be a good fit for your home, please fill out an application at You can also view other cats in need of fur-ever homes at

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