Need Help Paying for Assisted Living Care

When a parent or loved one is in need of care or can no longer stay at home, paying for assisted living care can become staggering.

Paying for Assisted Living Care

When a parent or loved one is in need of care or can no longer stay at home, the costs can become staggering. Assisted living care costs in Indiana average well over $50,000 per year! Few families can afford to pay for this care without help from some of the generous benefit programs that are available to Hoosier families.

Indiana Waiver 

Indiana Waiver helps to pay for assisted living!

The Waiver program makes assisted living affordable for everyone. Waiver can help pay for costs including: any additional facility costs (including memory care), doctor co-pays, medications, dental, vision and other expenses.

Don’t be fooled by the myth that you must wait until your assets are depleted before applying for Waiver. The reality is that, typically, anywhere from 50% to nearly 100% of assets can be saved and protected with proper planning. Once assets are depleted there is no getting them back! So don’t make the mistake of spending all of your hard earned savings prior to consulting with us.

Assisted Living Communities

There are many assisted living communities throughout Central Indiana that accept the Waiver Benefit.

And please note that federal HIPAA laws require that private pay and residents that are receiving benefits “must receive the same level of care and services”. The level of care is identical, never substandard … period!

The Waiver program does have requirements to qualify. And it is Senior Solutions’ job to steer you through the process. At the same time while protecting as many of your hard earned assets as possible. We handle all of the application process as well as follow up and any updates for annual requirements.

Whenever you are working with a government agency, you can count on a maze of forms, procedures and possible denials prior to gaining eligibility.

A Cost Involved

There is never a cost to meet with Senior Solutions Consulting (SSC) to discuss all of you options. SSC has been assisting Hoosier families with benefit planning for over 20 years. Don’t disqualify yourself! There are often more benefits available than most people think.

Call Senior Solution Consulting at 317-863-0213 to schedule a complimentary meeting to learn about all of the options available to you.

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