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In this issue we offer stories of hope and the power that assisting others can bring into the lives of those in need – as well as of those who help. We feel certain that you will be captivated as you read about the work of our featured humanitarian, the Reverend Harrison, pastor of Barnes United Methodist Church. We know that you will find yourself wishing him good fortune in his efforts to tip the scales against violence and raise the standard of living for the youth of Indy’s poor communities.

Then peer into Brenda Johnson’s Boomers @Work commentary on how mature workers such as ourselves can contribute to the efforts of charitable organizations in our own way. See how the same skill sets that work in the corporate world are necessary for success in the non-profit domain.

Did you know that retired folk who do two hours or more of philanthropic work each week are over 20% less likely to die during that period than their less philan­thropic counterparts? Amelia Barnes tells us on page 20 about this and also how we feel bet­ter about ourselves when we volun­teer.

We all know in our hearts that be­ing useful and having a purpose in life is one of our most basic human needs, but Marti Lindell also shows us in ‘Making a Difference’ (page 22) that it is critical that we maintain our sense of self-worth by feeling useful to other people. .

In this issue’s Caregiver Crossing column, Tina McIntosh en­courages you to think of some ways that your loved one can be involved in the excitement of the holiday season, without stress, obligation or commitment. On page 24, find several well-thought-out suggestions for helping them to feel useful, and just ‘go with the flow’.

Then Vince Catania keeps us informed about Social Security and how it affects you on page 14 – the fund is NOT going broke, by the way! This new regular column will answer such thorny questions as How is my monthly ben­efit calculated? What is a spousal benefit? How can I maximize my lifetime benefit? And many other questions you didn’t even know you had.

I’m thinking that most of us have a hard time looking favorably on the stress of holiday shopping… Give the article on page 23 a good read – it should provide some valuable tips for a hassle-free experience.

Then find out why an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean or Mexico is one of the most popular choices that today’s families are making in Scott Jones’ Travel article (page 16), discover how to feel better physically and mentally through Yoga in Eunice Trotter’s piece on page 25, and see why The Home Instead Senior Care network has developed the 40-70 Rule® a program launched to address the importance of starting difficult family con­versations before emotions get in the way..

And whatever you do, keep moving forward and looking up, as Boomers are wont to do, because we are the generation setting an example for those who come after us. And we won’t let them down!

You can also pick up a copy of a recent magazine at most Kroger stores in Marion and surrounding counties.

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