Martial Arts in Zionsville and Carmel

There are several types of martial arts in Zionsville and Carmel that you can do – judo, karate, tae kwon do… Discover more about it!

Martial Arts in Zionsville and Carmel

There are several types of martial arts like judo, karate and tae kwon do. The roots of martial arts date back to the prehistoric era. Its evolution is documented by several cultures. Although the term martial art has become associated with the fighting arts of eastern Asia, it originally referred to the combat systems of Europe. The term “martial art” is derived from Latin and means “arts of Mars,” the Roman god of war. Should Boomers embrace this exercise?

Fitness Coach in Zionsville and Carmel

Fitness coach Kevin Shelley says yes! “Martial arts is a great form of exercise for Boomers because as we get older we tend to lose a little of our flexibility, our range of motion and our coordination, and martial arts encompasses all of that. With most traditional martial arts, you don’t have to make contact. Older people often don’t like to get hit or to hit others, so there’s an entire facet of martial arts where you just do your own thing like empty-hand form. You don’t even need a partner.”

Shelley Fitness

Shelley, with Shelley Fitness, has been teaching martial arts for many years. Lots of his clients are Baby Boomers. He says, “Many people enjoy learning how to handle a sword and stick weapons to improve their hand and eye coordination; it sharpens the reflexes and keeps their agility up.”

Shelley has regular clients like local business owner Matt Goldberg who meet with him once or twice a week. Goldberg enjoys the empty-hand form. It is non-contact and quite a workout. Matt says, “Doing martial arts helps me take my mind off work. It also keeps my body fit. I think martial arts is a great exercise for any age because you can really do it from when you are 14 all the way to your 70s or 80s. I can just adjust the techniques to what my body can do.”

Why Martial Arts in Zionsville and Carmel?

Should you give martial arts a try and channel your inner Bruce Lee? Shelley says, “Why not?! I don’t know that it occurs to many Boomers to pick up one of the martial arts, but it can really help you de-stress, improve focus, achieve balance and enhance self-confidence.
I met with Shelley to give martial arts a try. After I arrived at the Do Jang, Shelley introduced me to some basic empty-hand form, the speed bag, heavy bag and then some boxing. Shelly coached, “You are probably already finding out that this is way harder than you see in the movies and on TV.” I agreed, it was.

Martial arts can be a great workout for many. But learning the art of self-defense can take some time and like any other workout routine, don’t quit too soon. Give yourself a few chances and don’t look in the mirror. My advice: Learn more about how YOU can get started on a martial arts adventure at

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