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Welcome back Indy Boomers! In this issue you will be absorbed by Rita Rose’s tale of Larry Bird’s colorful life and climb to greatness: check it put on page 6, and revel in the Legend’s chronicle. Patty Spitler’s corner will lead you to tune in to Boomer TV, where you can hear all about what we are doing to make our mark in the Indy region – every Sunday morning at 10:30 on WISH-TV.

Discover which are the hottest jobs in Indiana, and what Boomers can do to get a leg up on those employment opportunities on page 14, as you read Brenda Johnson’s assurance that you are never too old for taking on a new type of work.

Vince Catania explains in his regular column on page 7 how maximizing Social Security benefits takes on heightened importance for women, because they frequently outlive their husbands. On the Fitness/Nutrition front (page 15), Andre Crayton tells the top reasons why Baby Boomers aren’t losing body fat – and it’s not obvious. Then on page 16, you will read how being married, losing weight and getting plenty of sleep can help you live a better life and make a difference in your health – according to WebMD, that is.

Anne Hensley Poindexter explains on page 13 how ABLE accounts will allow tax free savings for individuals with disabilities; then Sharra Ferbrache – one of the first licensed estheticians in the State – announces a product on page 19 that uses stem cell therapy to lessen the effects of aging on your skin’s appearance. The before and after photos will wow you!

The folks at Senior Solutions Consulting can answer the question “How do Mom & Dad Pay For Their Care?” on page 17, and in the Caregivers article (page 25) you’ll learn about the app CareZone that lets you store info on medication reminders and doctor appointments, as well as directly receive diagnosis information as it is released – AND it’s free.

Eunice Trotter tells the story on page 24 of retired teacher John R. Ervin who still receives praise many years later from former students as their favorite. And if your travel goals are not necessarily international, guess where you can see plunging waterfalls, visit three great zoos, watch high-energy world class sporting events and lay in the sun on the beach (among lots of other fun things)? Find out all about this domestic wonderland on page 12.

Allrighty then…hoping that winter goes out as mildly as it came in, we at Indy Boomer all wish you warm and wonderful days ahead. Let us know what stories you would like to read about in future issues, and keep the faith!

You can also pick up a copy of a recent magazine at most Kroger stores in Marion and surrounding counties.

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