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The new year is off and running, and so is the concept of a televised version of our magazine. Rita Rose will guide you through what to expect from Boomer TV on page 8, and introduce you to the reporters who will provide content and outlook. Our headliner from the September issue – Patty Spitler – will host the show on Sundays beginning in March – stay tuned!

If you’ve ever wondered what exactly it is that successful Caregivers do, or would like to provide support to those who you know are performing these critical services, Jane Malkoff tells you all about it on page 22. Tina McIntosh then shares some warm, sensitive advice about the dangers associated with caregiving during times of celebration, (page 24) and also suggests how to reach out to help, because even small gestures of kindness can have a large impact.

On the positive side of Boomer living, Eunice Trotter relates on page 25 how one man re-invented himself after a stroke, and how to tell/what to do if you suspect that someone is experiencing stroke symptoms – very important. Then Susan Albers’ article on VA Aid & Attendance benefits and Agent Orange exposure rules (page 29) will explain how if you or a loved one were in the military during wartime, you may qualify for a benefit that can help pay living expenses – good news to be sure.

If you are a small business owner, you will want to implement practices to avoid five common financial mistakes outlined by Jim and Troy Forman on page 30 – you’ll save time and resources and avoid regrets. In our Legal Concerns feature, Anne H. Poindexter explains the essentials of updating your estate plan (page 17), and the review of Mark Cornwall’s book Everything A Baby Boomer Should Know… on page 23 leads you to important written material on the subject. Then, whether or not you’ve begun receiving Social Security or have decided to wait until your Full Retirement Age, Vince Catania will guide you through the morass of rules and regs to your optimal claiming strategy (page 4).

Scott Jones will give you an idea of how wonderful a 7-day tour of Italy can be – not only the fabulous sights, but also the sounds, tastes and other sensory pleasures it has to offer. Then take the quiz on page 20 and find out if you’re eating healthy. You may be surprised at what you will learn. It’s a great way to being the new year, and we hope that you enjoy every minute!

You can also pick up a copy of a recent magazine at most Kroger stores in Marion and surrounding counties.

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