Indy Boomer - Pat Carlini

Indy Boomer – Pat Carlini

A Room To Improve 

By Pat Carlini –


Most people feel as though they have a room to improve in their home. From a much needed paint job to a complete room renovation, there’s usually something to be done somewhere!

In my “Invest in Your Nest” articles, I have written about many people making improvements in their home. But, now it is my turn. I am about to embark on a master bedroom and bath renovation and you can follow along!

Just like a lot of homeowners, I have thought about this project for quite some time, but, have been putting it off.

We all know renovations are messy and disruptive, not to mention, expensive. So, unless there is a water leak or some other damage, we put it off until we can stand it anymore!

In my case, the bathroom’s plain white and green tile, dull cabinets,  faucets and dated faux painted walls all really needed to go. we will begin by gutting the bathroom and master bedroom as well as a small bedroom next door for expanded closet space. you all hear from professionals about the latest trends in faucets  sinks, bathtubs, showers, tile and overall bed and bath decor.

It should be fun and hopefully, you will learn some of the new trends in bed and bath decor. You can also ask questions and we will get you the answers you need from the professionals to help with your own home renovations!

Yes, it will be a mess, but, let’s have some fun along the way to a new master bed and bath!.

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