I need to sell my home but….

“Where do I start???”

Question: Why do think so many Boomers put off moving when it’s obvious that their current home no longer suits their lifestyle or their needs?

Answer: It’s the same for thousands of Boomers. “Where do I start?” We all accumulate so much stuff over the years, we get comfortable in our surroundings. Even though it’s hard to go up and down the stairs and to keep maintaining our current home both inside and out, it just seems overwhelming to think about moving so we tend to stay longer than we should in a situation that should be changed now.

Question: So when’s the best time to “start” the process?

Answer: When you know it’s time to make a change — that’s the time to explore your options and get some expert advice on how to proceed. I have seen too many people live in a home that no longer works for them and in most cases has become a burden to them or their families. Wait too long and the decision may not be what the person wants but what their family members think will be best for them. I’ve found that we Boomers are not the type of people who want others to control our decisions, especially when it comes to where we will be living.

Question:  OK, all that makes sense, but how do they get started? Does their current property have to be ready to go on the market before they call you?

Answer: Actually it’s just the opposite. A homeowner should not do anything before having me come to their home for an informed consultation. I don’t want you to get the home ready for me. I have seen it all over the years so your home won’t be anything I haven’t seen before. My purpose is to help homeowners get their homes ready for today’s market. Most clients end up realizing that with the right guidance, the entire process can be easy and even fun. Let my 30 years of experience work in your favor.

Question: I know you met with a couple recently who felt that way…“Where do we start?” This article shows their home’s “before” pictures.

Answer: Yes, they kindly agreed to share their “before” and “after” pictures with us so other Boomers will realize it’s a process that anyone can accomplish.

So it’s easy to “start” by giving Cindy a call, text or email. Oh, and be sure to check out the “after” pictures in the January issue of Indy Boomer magazine.

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