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How about Rightsizing?

Many are planning to retire as they reach their mid-sixties—five years from now more than half of all Boomer households will be headed by someone who is retired—and have plans for their housing needs as they

approach retirement. Baby Boomer movers, upsizers and downsizers alike, are not planning to move to senior communities.

RE/MAX Centerstones’ Cathy Norman, Managing Broker, asks Boomer expert, Cindy Martin your real estate questions.

Cathy: As a Boomer Real Estate Expert are Boomers flying off to a sunny place to live in a condo?

Cindy: Most have no plans at all. The fear of moving in our era is slowly changing. We have had the dream home and raised our families. Being aware of the options is one part of over- coming the moving anxiety.

Cathy: What has been your experience working with Boomers in this new phase for home purchasing?

Cindy: Emotionally getting prepared is the first step. I may work with clients for a year. They are ass essing whether to fix up a home or sell “as is” the costs to remodel could be expensive. Many factors are considered during the process. For example, how to downsize a large household, the right type of housing, working through family issues, and the best financial step to fund their future retirement lifestyle. I can locate professionals for every step of the moving process.

Cathy: There are trends for buyers today. What are a few of the most important choices Boomers are looking for when planning on moving?

Cindy: Many Boomers are in homes that lack aging-friendly features and the cost of con- verting is not really a choice. Not only do we want single story homes easy maintenance is a priority with accessibility features. However many are seeking a physical and cultural lifestyle. Being able to walk to places in your community seems to be more popular this year. Others want to move closer to their family or friends as well.

The first step is a FREE consultation to assess what is best for you. Cindy Martin can be reached at (317) 432-1146 or at CindyMartin1@REMAX.net !

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