Baby Kitten in Pair of Jeans Looking for Home

Fostering started as a project for my teenage daughter.

At the time, I didn’t think beyond the two little tabbies we took home and the three or four weeks they’d be with us. But, here we are, a year and a
half later having fostered thirty-eight kittens and five cats with no plans to stop.

Most Common Question

The most common question I hear when people find out we foster, is how we can stand to let them
go. I can’t say it’s always easy, but it becomes a mindset. Every time I pick up a litter of kittens and
get to know them for a day or two, I become a proud mama who believes that these babies are the
best and I will never love any others the way I love them. Then I meet the next group and I feel the
same way all over again. I consider myself extremely lucky because I get to be such an integral part
of these kittens’ beginning. I lavish them with love and prepare them to be someone’s best friend.
Knowing that is my role in their lives makes it much easier to say goodbye.

It’s not all easy.

The majority of kittens who end up in a shelter come from less than ideal
circumstances. Sometimes those first few weeks are rocky. Sometimes they don’t make it. The first
time we had a loss, it was absolutely heartbreaking. Intellectually I knew it was possible for one of
our foster kittens to succumb to a disease or genetic condition but my heart didn’t really understand.
With time, I learned that my job is to provide love and care for however long or short a time I have
with these kittens. I have come to look upon the experiences of those we lost with fondness as I
know we gave them a safe, loving home for whatever time they had to spend with us.

Indy Humane a Great Palce to Start

I encourage everyone I know who has an interest in fostering to give it a try. And IndyHumane is a
great place to start that journey. With the help of the IndyHumane staff and their resources I have
learned so much about kitten health, taking care of kittens with more challenging needs, learning to
win over feral kittens and learning to bottle feed. IndyHumane also provides all of the supplies and
healthcare for your foster pet, so you can focus on the love and care they deserve.

Help Save Lives of Animals

Obviously, the biggest reason to foster is to help save the lives of animals. It’s a wonderful feeling to
know that we are providing a safe haven for an animal that might not otherwise have a chance. What
I didn’t expect was how much of an impact fostering would have on me personally. Simply put,
kittens are good for my mental health. They have given me a way to help out my community in a way
in which I feel truly passionate. In many ways I feel that these kittens help me more than I help them.

Author: Kelly LaRoche, IndyHumane Foster Parent

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