Eyelid Surgery Options Are Available

Some people refer to the eyes as the “windows of the soul.” They are also one of the first areas to show aging. If it bothers you, here are eyelid surgery options that are available.

Eyes – Windows of the Soul

Eyes are certainly the focal point of the face and our eyes are one of the first areas to show aging. Increased laxity of skin can portray a tired, sad or melancholy appearance when in actuality we may feel otherwise. The eyelid tuck primarily gives us a more rested appearance by reducing the excess skin and fatty tissue, which can develop in both the upper and lower eyelids with aging.

The Structure of an Eye

The entire eyeball is surrounded by fatty tissue which, with aging, can bulge forward, especially in the lower eyelid, and form a hernia, just like in any other part of the body. The dark circles that people complain of are oftentimes not due to pigmentation in the lower eyelids, although that can occur in rare instances, but is usually due to a shadow effect caused by this excess fatty tissue. This results in a bulging to the lower eyelid with a resultant shadowing effect. This is the reason the condition may appear more severe in various kinds of light.

Different Eyes – Different Cases

The condition may be worsened during a woman’s menstrual cycle, or when one is eating or drinking an increased sodium diet. Both of these conditions result in an increased fluid retention by the body. The fatty tissue attracts this fluid which results in an increase in bulging in this area.

If the only problem in the lower eyelids is bagging secondary to excess fatty tissue, often the laser can be used with no external incision. If, however, excess fatty tissue has resulted in stretching of the lower eyelid skin, then both fatty tissue and skin need to be removed with an external incision.

Changes in Eyes

Individuals show changes in the eyes at varying ages. However, our individual anatomy in this area varies so greatly that a good rule of thumb on the time to seek eyelid surgery is, for women when it becomes difficult to place eye shadow on the upper eyelids, and for men and women when a good night’s sleep doesn’t get rid of puffiness in the lower eyelids.

Eyelid Surgery Options

Following eyelid surgery, an individual needs to sleep with their head elevated approximately 30 degrees for two weeks. They need to refrain from lifting over 5-10 pounds. And, in fact, any activities which result in heart rate elevation for the first 7 to 10 days following surgery.  Ice water-soaked compresses are applied to the eyelid area constantly for the first 48-72 hours following surgery.

This is critical in helping to reduce swelling and bruising, decrease discomfort and accelerate wound healing. Most patients find that at the end of one week, they can resume their normal activities. As well as have significant improvement in their appearance as compared to before surgery. You can use makeup to camouflage the minimal swelling and bruising that can occur in some patients.

Eyelid Surgery Recovery

After the laser procedure, patients can often return to normal social and work activities within 48 hours. Advances in laser technology allow this surgery to be performed with much less discomfort, bruising and swelling. However this procedure can only be done if there is good elasticity to the lower eyelid skin.

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