Today on BOOMER Radio Julie Patterson speaks with Kelsey Burton, the Executive Director of Paws and Think.
Kelsey and a group of volunteers go into schools and read with kids who may be struggling emotionally or educationally. The goal is to provide a love of reading in a calm environment where they can pet the therapy dogs and relax.
There is also Paws and Heal where they go into Hospitals, and Paws and Comfort where they help those who are grieving. Cool programs!
Also featured today is Hollis Liebman. He is a boomer fitness trainer who encourages those of all ages to get active! He says training plus cardio plus nutrition equals results!
Fun fact: Hollis trained Hugh Jackman for his role in the movie Wolverine!
Also, find out how Jackman, who is a super nice guy in real life, gets his mean on in the films. It’s a little thing he does before the camera’s roll.

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