Enjoy Work, Hire a Coach

Many are finding it difficult to manage their careers or find new jobs. Well, the answer might be: enjoy work, hire a coach.

Enjoy Work, Hire a Coach

Many are finding it difficult to manage their careers or find new jobs. The San Francisco Federal Reserve released a 2017 study confirming, “older workers are routinely ruled out for even low-skilled jobs.” It is more than the job search stressing Boomers. Mature workers struggle for job security, respect and promotional opportunities at organizations that once valued their skills. Rather than tackle these issues alone, a career coach can help experienced workers.

Life events Boomers experience can make career management difficult at work. Kimberle Seale, a leadership coach, explains, “Between the ages of 50 and 70, adults experience more impactful life events. Some become their parent’s caregivers, others lose a spouse or have their own severe health issues. These issues are on top of coping with the daily work stress. Everyone exhibits unconscious behaviors, and when under stress, these may not play out well in everyday life. As we age, we get comfortable with who we are, and changing our behavior feels unnecessary.” Seale explained the benefit of a coach is having someone on your team who will be honest, objective, and guide you to success at work.

Loca Career Coach

Mike Johnson, a local career coach and Passport to Employment volunteer, says, “clients come to me when they get stuck and are trying to figure what to do next in their career.” He also says the number of “underemployed” clients he works with is increasing. These are people who accepted jobs under their skill level or former salaries to continue working. Johnson has created a process to guide his clients and help them advance, search for a better job or to reinvent themselves for new careers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported October that unemployment was at 4.1 percent, the lowest rate since December 2000. Central Indiana’s unemployment numbers are even lower at 3.1 percent in 2017. With nearly full employment, why are Boomers continuing to struggle at maintaining their jobs or finding new ones?

More Than a Sounding Board

Experienced workers face many issues from subtle age discrimination which is difficult to prove to companies’ lack of business strategy to retain mature employees and avoid an information “brain drain.” While there are age-friendly companies valuing the knowledge, skills and attributes that mature employees represent, it takes time to find the right fit. Sessions with a career coach can help their clients assess their skills along with clarifying values and goals.

Those who have used coaches say they are more than a sounding board, they help create and execute an action plan. Johnson facilitates an accountability group to ensure his clients follow through on their commitments and don’t get stuck in unproductive patterns.

As lifespans increase, so do years in the workforce. A Cornell University 2017 study found continuing work leads to beneficial outcomes when employees choose to work longer.

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