Maybe you are an empty-nester and starting to plan your dream European vacation for you and your spouse…. Or maybe you have recently retired but not yet pulled the trigger on your trip to Europe because you’re not sure where to start… or perhaps you have been there before and can’t wait to go back and take the entire family this time…In any case you want to experience the Old World, and who can blame you?


Several European cities are on virtually everyone’s travel bucket list (Barcelona, London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, to name just a few) and with good reason. With the rich history, architecture & cuisine there is so much to seen, do and experience.


Imagine visiting buildings well over 1000 years old, yet still operational… Imagine visiting a winery that has continuously been producing for several centuries!


There are many different styles and many different ways to see Europe and there is no better time to go than now. With geopolitical relationships constantly changing, you never know when it may be too late to visit a particular destination. Just look at how quickly the world is changing right before your eyes – imagine planning a trip to Russia 30 years ago – unheard of!  The past 20 years has really been a golden age for traveling to Europe, since previous to the Cold War ending it was virtually unheard of for US citizens to travel to the former Soviet republics, and it may one day again be difficult to travel to Russia or other nearby nations, but for now the gates are mostly open and the world is yours to discover.


From organized excursions by land to river travel to independent discovery trips on your own there are options galore.  Cruise the Baltic and Scandinavian countries porting in St Petersburg for a couple of nights – enjoy river travel all over Central Europe or ride the rails throughout the continent in modern cars on schedules as reliable as a Swiss watch – in short, there are myriad options.
Mediterranean cruises are best for discovering southern France, Italy, Greece and beyond with excellent port cities such as Barcelona, Nice, Rome, Florence, Athens, Istanbul and let’s not forget an off-the-radar but extremely popular port in Dubrovnik, Croatia.  River journeys are a fantastic way to discover smaller towns along the waterways of Central Europe- cities such as Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Nuremberg and Paris.
From discovering fine wines to castles to windmills and more, river cruises are an incredible way to experience the old world in a virtually all-inclusive package where everything from lodging to meals to tours are included. Enjoy a cocktail before and a wine with dinner after you spend the day riding complimentary bikes around small villages where you are likely to bump into your ship’s chef at the local market shopping for your dinner!
Organized sightseeing adventures are once again becoming popular as tour companies have reimagined themselves and technology helps allow for more independence and time for self-discovery than ever before.  The additional security and safety of having a tour company by your side as you are free to discover new cultures and make new friends along the way cannot be overstated
Whatever your plans, find a travel advisor to work with. Many, like EZTravelPad, charge no fees and can add tremendous value while reliving significant stress so you are free to enjoy!

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