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The beginning of a new year and decade is an opportunity for professionals and entrepreneurs to create goals for 2020 for their careers and businesses.

Goals for 2020

Successful entrepreneurs know business survival is dependent on goal-setting and metrics. So, professionals have to own their career development and not rely on managers which could lead to disappointment.

Developing goals provides a sense of direction in choosing the next right step for a business or career. These goal-setting steps will help ensure the decade starts strong.

Entrepreneurs Priorities

Patricia Pick-Franke is a local leadership and communication coach certified with the John Maxwell Team. Patricia suggests entrepreneurs first prioritize what will be most impactful to their business. And they should do it before setting specific goals. “Without having others to set priorities, business owners have to ensure goals support the intentions of their company vision,” says Pick-Franke.

Also, she suggests tackling daily objectives or the action steps that support the highest priority goal early in the day. This helps to eliminate distractions from interfering with completion.

SMART Goals for 2020

The concept of SMART goals entered American business in the 1980s. It is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound. In fact, according to Pick-Franke, business goals should be SMART goals. No matter if they are for entrepreneurs or corporate professionals. “Action plans are needed to achieve business and career goals,” explains Pick-Franke.

“Both can be accomplished by taking baby steps and continuously monitoring achievement toward goals.” Templates, worksheets and videos explaining how to write SMART goals are available online for employees and business owners

Once SMART goals are developed and next steps are outlined. Pick-Franke stresses the need for action. “It is consistent action toward your goals that ensures you achieve them,” she explains. This is the point where organizations struggle. While individuals lose focus on their goals. Having an accountability partner is one strategy for keeping a goal actionable when distractions surface.

Local Coaching Agencies

A business professional may rely on local agencies or organizations that provide business coaching. For example, SCORE Indianapolis provides free small business advice for entrepreneurs. Central Indiana Chamber of Commerce organizations offer events, networking opportunities and mentoring to help entrepreneurs execute their goals. Some of them are:

Career professionals also have to guard against being distracted from their SMART goals after annual performance appraisals are filed away. Employees have the advantage of managers because they often have quarterly professional development goals. Or “check-in” activities monitored by human resources. Therefore employees can develop a mentor relationship formally or informally inside their organization.

External Perspective on Goals for 2020

In fact, for an external or general industry perspective, employees may connect with an accountability partner they meet through networking or by hiring a coach. Working professionals may use free resources through Passport to Employment, alumni career resources, professional societies or business networking groups.

So goals are important for entrepreneurs and employees. And SMART goals improve the clarity and focus of any effort. But the key to making goals achievable is action. Central Indiana has resources for entrepreneurs and employees to begin an action-packed decade achieving goals and creating success.

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