Cathy: What are a few of the top concerns you hear from your Boomer clients when thinking about their future housing needs?

Cindy: As a Boomer I have been through the process as well. The number one reason for hesitating is deciding to leave their family home and memories. What type of home would best fit their needs now and in the future? Are there certain financial or legal steps we need to take? Let’s face it, change is always scary but with professionals to assist you along the way the process will be a happy moment for all.

Cathy: Reaching out to a professional is important. With your vast experience working in the industry for over 35 years you add a great deal of value to this transition. Many Boomers do not know where to start.

Cindy: Knowing what to expect before you get started can help make re-entering the market a lot easier. I do share my wealth of information, and consulting with people is one of my specialties. There are professionals in other areas such as attorneys, financial advisors, and title companies we would use to navigate through the process. The simplest step would be to give me a call and we can discuss their options and steps on a more personal level. I have clients who have done the process in a few months and others over a few years.

Cathy: One would think Boomers are ready to retire and downsize. This is not the case in our current market. What are your thoughts on finding the right choice with our Boomers?

Cindy: I have found Boomers are diverse and our lifestyles play into the choices we are making. Today there are more choices from a ranch style, patio style or even condos. Maybe lake front, golf course or a community with planned activities seem to be popular. We may not be giving up space but the space is allocated better to suit our needs now and further into the future.

Cathy: If a Boomer was wanting to move in or out of our area do you have the expertise and connections to assist with this as well?

Cindy: I feel have the best support and connections in the business. I have had clients move to other countries and have helped them through the entire process.

Cathy: Basically the best first step would be to reach out to you, do you agree?

Cindy: It starts with a phone call, text or an email. We can figure out your choices and make this a happy process!

Cindy Martin (317) 432-1146

Cathy Norman (317) 502-4660



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