The Benefits of Pet Adoption

There are many reasons to adopt rather than buy from a pet store. Pet adoption in Indianapolis will not only benefit your new pet, but it will benefit you as well! Here is how.

Pet Adoption in Indianapolis

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Adopt, Don’t Shop.” The phrase was created by animal rights proponents to spread awareness for the adoption of animals from shelters. Adopting a furry friend is becoming more and more popular. There are many reasons to adopt rather than buy from a pet store. Not only will your new pet benefit from being adopted, so will you!

The Ugly Truth

Many cats and dogs are left homeless throughout the year through no fault of their own. Every year in Indianapolis alone, thousands of kittens and puppies are born outside, pets run away, or owners surrender their pets for numerous reasons. These stray and unowned animals have become a large societal problem and face public health and safety concerns.

Pet Adoption Supporters

Thanks to many organizations like humane societies, animal shelters, municipal shelters, foster homes, and rescue operations, these animals get a chance at a better life. The common goal for these organizations is to provide shelter for unowned pets and assist them in finding a home that best fits them. And IndyHumane is a one of them.

These organizations also take in sick or injured strays. And some have veterinary staff on-site who do their best to bring every animal to better health. In fact, shelter pets are often healthier than those bought in pet stores. This is because the shelter staff makes sure these pets receive all the care they need including vaccinations, preventative care, spay/neuter surgery, and microchipping.

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Benefits of Pet Adoption in Indianapolis

There are several benefits to adopting. Most obviously, adopting is more economical than buying from a pet store. As already mentioned, most shelters ensure that every animal has received vaccines, preventative care, microchipping, spay/neuter surgery, and has had a comprehensive evaluation before adoption. There is a wide variety of pets within shelters, from young to old, large to small, energetic to laid back.

Information About the Pet

Shelter staff and volunteers provide as much information as possible about your potential pet. The information includes their personality, preferences with other animals, activity level and other factors for a pets’ preferred home. We often know some history of the pet from its previous home and try to answer any questions and provide support post-adoption.

Shelter staff will coach you through introducing the pet to a new home or other animals within the new home. This will help ensure a successful transition to their new forever home. Most importantly, you get just as much love, if not more, from a shelter pet because you gave them the opportunity for a better life.

Pets Are Family Members

Pets are more than they are just furry friends – they become family members. The pet-to-owner relationship is a mutually beneficial companionship: pets value your love and affection as much as you value theirs and the joy they bring. Adopting a pet from a shelter can help save a life and provide many benefits to your pet and to you as a caregiver.

Help Pet Adoption in Indianapolis

If you would like to spread awareness for animal adoption, adopt today from your local shelter. Alternatively, start a local group to raise awareness in your community. Shelters in Indianapolis have several pets available and they are truly the best place for adopters to look. Spread the word about the benefits of adopting and encourage potential pet owners to check out a local shelter.

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