Selecting a caregiver for yourself or a loved one is not as easy as one, two, three but I do think these 5 Important Tips for Selecting a Caregiver will be helpful.  When in doubt, give me a call.

  1. Assess the Type of Care Needed, for example household help, medical care help, or personal care assistance. The type of company or companies needed will vary depending on a proper assessment of current needs.  Additionally, this assessment will help to determine the number of hours needed and the subsequent costs.
  2. Create a Simple Care Plan. This can be a list of all the things you would need the caregiver to do and all of the skills you would want the caregiver to have.  Most personal care needs do not require a nurse or certified nursing assistant.
  3. Select/Interview a Reputable Care Company. While it may seem wise to accept the advice of your doctor, hospital, rehabilitation facility, or discharge planner with regard to which company to choose, the fact is you should select based on word of mouth either from long-standing private elder experts or people you know who have actually used the company with great success.
  4. Meet One or Two of the Potential Caregivers. Very rarely would we buy anything without seeing it and checking it out first.  Before signing on the dotted line, arrange with the company to meet one or two of the caregivers they plan to send your way.  Be certain they have had a criminal background check and multiple positive references before you meet with them.
  5. Monitor Closely. Once caregivers are involved, you will need to keep watch.  Be certain that the level of care needed is being given and in a kind, considerate way.  Make regular visits and arrive at varying unannounced times.  Hire a private geriatric care manager if you are unable to monitor caregiving activities yourself.  Report any quality concerns immediately to the company.  Of course major concerns need to be reported to the Indiana State Department of Health and when appropriate also to legal authorities.

Caregivers can be instrumental in significantly improving quality of life, delaying a move out of one’s home, and in reducing hospital admissions, but to achieve such goals the right company has to be involved.  Carefully following these tips will go a long way towards meeting your care goals.


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